Recluta guarantees the best candidates in the market.
Plus, you don’t pay unless you hire.


Time is of the essence when recruiting top talent. We guarantee you’ll be interviewing your favorite candidates in less than 30 days.


Let’s face it. The reality is the best talent rarely comes through job boards or direct applications. The best talent is usually employed, needs to be found and convinced to make the move. Our skilled team is trained and equipped with the right tools to do exactly that.

Lower Cost

Less than the cost of traditional recruiters. We charge 15% of a candidate’s base salary and offer a 90 day guarantee.

Startup Expertise

We’ve been around a lot of startups so we can relate to your company’s needs faster and know how to get candidates interested. Recluta’s specialized team personally handles each candidate interaction and constantly reports back to you.

Measure Results

Track progress and quickly identify any bottlenecks in Recluta’s easy-to-use reporting dashboard. The process is fully transparent to you.

Intuitive Software

Forget piles of resumes and long email chains. Review, rate, and provide feedback for all candidates within our easy-to-use platform.

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