How It Works

1. We work together to define job requirements

We ask you some questions to fully understand and define the profile you’re looking for.


2. Within 3 days, you get 10 potential candidates and we calibrate the profile

In the platform you can easily review, provide feedback and rate your candidates. You can also interact with your team by using our @mention feature. The users you @mention get notified via email of your comment.


This process helps us calibrate the profile so we know what to look for.


3. Based on your feedback, we refine and source all potential candidates

This is an iterative process so we gather your feedback, refine our search and scour the market to get you another batch of great candidates.


Thanks to your feedback, this batch is always better and much more on-target.

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4. You review and pick the candidates you want to meet

You review the candidates and select the ones you and your team would like to interview.


5. We engage (usually get a 30% positive response rate)

We reach out to the candidates, get them excited about the opportunity and schedule interviews for you.


6. You interview and hire!

And that’s it. You interview the candidates interested in your offering and hire the best one!


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