27 Nov 3 Technical Recruiting Tips for Startups

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You are on the hunt for a potential hire who can take your product idea and expand it. Apart from their specialty, you need a person who can manage any critical situation, delivers, has excellent problem-solving skills and can be a total team player. Here are a 3 startup recruiting tips founders may find useful.


Personalize the outreach process for each candidate. We are talking about a job market that has a 5-1 relation on jobs available for most technical candidates. So, using bulk e-mail to recruit top talent is a big NO NO. Do not waste time in engaging your prospects with outdated tactics. The more you customize, the higher your response rates.


Be ready to handle rejection. You will be dealing with happily employed candidates who are probably just testing the waters. However, don’t give up, a fair share of technical candidates would consider changing employers if the offer were any good. Just keep experimenting to see what approach helps you attract the type of candidates you know would make a difference to your company. Even if you are desperate, do not compromise on quality.


The reason you are hiring technical talent is either because you need to delegate part of your work or you are a non-technical founder and need support on a technical related area. However, just because you are the founder and you have the ability to hire in order to fill a gap in expertise, it doesn’t mean you should wing it during the interview process. Not preparing yourself signifies a lack of respect and importance for the candidate. The candidate will know that you are not prepared if you ask the wrong technical questions or use incorrect jargon. Do your homework. Study the technologies that are necessary for this role and the candidate’s background. Your odds of finding the best option to fill the role increase if you can handle some basic knowledge about the job requirements and if you actually know what the candidate has been up to.

Maria Jose Chaves

Maria is an English teacher graduated from the Universidad Hispanoamericana in Costa Rica. She is now a full time technical writer for recruitment startups. An avid reader on all matters technology, marketing and a beauty blogger on the side.