30 Nov Get your LinkedIn Profile Ready for the Next Recruiting Visit

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If you are new to social sourcing in the recruiting world or already swim the LinkedIn waters, one thing is certain, having a well set up LinkedIn profile can get you closer to landing your ideal job. By last October, LinkedIn reported a total of 400 million users with 2 new profiles created every second. Only in the United States there are 107 million users. While your LinkedIn account probably will not get you the job by itself it is a social tool that could set you apart from the pile of candidates. Here is how to embellish your profile for those recruiters browsing the market.

What makes it easier for a recruiter to find candidates is the list of skills desired by the employer. They simply type them in the LinkedIn search bar and bam! a list of potential candidates comes up. They can keep filtering the list until a handful of people with most of the job requirements make the cut. This is why it is important to have a nice set of skills listed on your profile. A user that provides a list of skills can increase their profile views by thirteen times. Do not go overboard though, make it at least 5 skills, and remember that your possible employer will eventually look at your profile.

Numbers keep talking. According to LinkedIn stats, adding a photo of you looking “dressed for success” to your profile can make you fourteen times more likely to be found on this social network. The oh-so-popular selfie should probably be left for other social media sites. While this does not necessarily put you on the reject pile, a recruiter might have a hard time deciding on whether or not sharing your resume with the hiring manager.

Another great tip is to add your LinkedIn’s Public Profile link to your resume. This makes it easier for a recruiter to find you. In addition, it will send recruiters to check your profile background, skills, recommendations, certifications, endorsements and even your work portfolio. Initially, LinkedIn provides you with a generic link, be sure to change it to a more appealing connection. So instead of my link looking like https://cr.linkedin.com/in/maria-chaves/6/7o/9au I changed it to https://cr.linkedin.com/in/mariajchaves for a more personalized and attractive look.

Finally, add your personal touch. Have a consistency with both your resume and LinkedIn profile. So when a recruiter reviews your profile they will not be confused with titles and dates that do not match. Also, when sending out an invitation to connect, customize it to the person you are sending it to. Not only is this socially correct but also gives a nice first impression. On LinkedIn having a large number of connections leads to a large number of profile views. Therefore, a better chance of your ideal job recruiter reaching out to you.

Maria Jose Chaves

Maria is an English teacher graduated from the Universidad Hispanoamericana in Costa Rica. She is now a full time technical writer for recruitment startups. An avid reader on all matters technology, marketing and a beauty blogger on the side.