11 Jan Healthcare and IT Recruiting Expected to See Growth

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released its projections for job growth between 2014 and 2024, and healthcare and tech are among the fields with the fastest growth potential. The report, which was released in December, revealed that four out of the five occupations with the overall fastest percentage of growth are in healthcare. More importantly, the healthcare industry is expected to have the highest number of new open positions to fill.

Fastest Growing Roles

With green energy on the rise, it seems natural that wind turbine service technicians would be an emerging employment field, growing a whopping 108% from the early 2000s. Overall growth for the remaining four roles include occupational therapy assistants, physical therapist assistants, physical therapist aides, and home health aides.

Highest Number of New Positions

Interestingly, of the five fastest growing positions, it is the one with the smallest percentage growth – home health Occupations with most new Jobsaides at 38.1% increase – that is expected to have the largest number of new positions – 348,400 thousand new jobs. Even with an increase of over 100% of positions in the role of wind turbine service technician, it is still expected to only gain 4,800 positions.

Two other healthcare roles top the home health aide position in quantity of new jobs: personal care aides and registered nurses, with 458,100 and 439,300 new jobs respectively.

Healthcare and IT Top Best Jobs List

Business Insider created a ranking of the best jobs, focusing on high-paying roles, by using the projections as well as BLS estimates of the 2014
median annual earnings
using the geometric mean of the two numbers.

Healthcare recruiting will continue to see increases in available jobs. Registered nurses came in first with a projected
439,300 new positions by 2024 and an estimated median salary in 2014 of $66,640, and other healthcare related roles included: physicians and surgeons, physical therapists, medical and health services managers, licensed practical and vocational nurses, as well as other positions.

2IT recruiting
will also be affected as the figures showed that tech roles were also on the rise. Coming in at number three of the best jobs of the future was roles for software application developers, with a projected 135,300 new positions by 2024 and median annual earnings in 2014 of $95,510. Additional tech positions that made the list included computer systems analysts and computer and information systems managers.

Recruiting for Medical Technology

Hiring managers and recruiters can expect to see an increase in the healthcare and IT fields in addition to a mixture of these two industries as healthcare goes high-tech. Some new technology that we can expect to see utilized in the medical realm may be nanobots in the blood to destroy bacteria and other pathogens, holographic images to reduce the number of hospital-acquired illnesses, and 3-D printing for a better understanding of internal injuries or irregularities. Even as the industry goes high-tech, we are seeing an amazing amount of innovation using the simplest of tools. Recently doctors were able to use Google Cardboard, a virtual reality system, along with an app called Sketchfab to envision the steps necessary to repair an infant’s heart and save her life.

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