02 Dec How to give your Team Real Purpose

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A great challenge for many startups is keeping the core values and purpose in which the company is based upon. As the organization starts to grow and new employees are hired, it is an arduous task to spread the excitement throughout the team and have everyone working hard towards the same goal. A team’s purpose is what drives the company’s culture. Purpose is what will get your employees up every day excited to come to work and achieve something great. It is what increases productivity and enhances the uniqueness of the company.

As the old saying goes, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”, there is nothing better than working for a company who worries on keeping its employees satisfied and engaged. A place that even has candidates waiting in line to have a chance at getting a job there. Anyone who walks through your doors should come away with a feeling of time well spent and a positive impression. To achieve this, every element in your office must exude your startup’s culture.

Be extra picky during the recruiting and hiring process. There is nothing worse than one single person coming to disrupt the great work environment with trivial and unnecessary personal conflicts. If you can, have your team give you their impressions in regards to the potential hire. This will not only give your team the sense of being part of a tight family but also appreciate their job and its importance.

Show your employees that you trust and care by getting rid of ancient and absurd policies that do not apply in the new ways of doing business. For up and coming organizations focused on quality instead of quantity, old office rules do not apply. Create flexible schedules, unlimited sick days, work from home opportunities, etc. This not only shows your respect for your team, but also the company’s willingness to adapt and evolve as the world changes.

Allow time for bonding. Either team building activities or a simple get-together after business hours, will grant a lighter work atmosphere. Knowing a little about each other on a personal basis makes it easier to work professionally as a team. Which brings me to another great tip. Having the same purpose and being part of an awesome team deserves to show it off. Display your exclusivity by giving your team company merchandise. Besides, nothing makes you feel more part of a team than wearing its jersey.

Maria Jose Chaves

Maria is an English teacher graduated from the Universidad Hispanoamericana in Costa Rica. She is now a full time technical writer for recruitment startups. An avid reader on all matters technology, marketing and a beauty blogger on the side.