23 Nov The Importance of a Good Job Description

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Your company’s success relies on having a team of players wholeheartedly dedicated to a product they find interesting and exciting. Your business cannot afford a mis-hire, financially and morally. Especially if it is a young startup. The last thing you need is a loss of team motivation from a missed target along with the waste of time and money on an already tight budget. One way to reduce the chance of a mis-hire, is to write a job description that accurately reflects what you need in a candidate and how they will impact your company.

Your requirements and your “wish list” might change throughout the search, but the clearer it is, the better. Spend some time creating a job description that is realistic. Do not just copy a job description from a similar job you saw online. If you just copy a job description from another company and then through in some more requirements that you thought off, you will end up creating an ideal candidate profile that just doesn’t exist. This is a big turn off to candidates.

Take thorough thought on what your company really needs right now. Create a set of goals the potential employee will have to achieve the first year. From here on, you will be well oriented about what the position calls for. What can set you apart from others looking to fish from the same pond, are the specifics on how this new hire can contribute and fit in your team on this mission. This must be what drives the candidate to apply. Now finish up the catch by letting them know how you both will succeed from this hire.

The job description is a pitch. Did you pitch your investors with a generic description on how you were different? Probably not.  Then, why do you want to do the same with candidates? Catch the candidate’s attention by luring them with the idea behind your startup and how their skills will impact things.

Seems like a lot of effort, but it will make a difference to your hiring process. Invest time in thinking about how to effectively attract candidates. Remember, a company can have many employees but an employee only has one job. So, why would candidates leave their current jobs and switch to yours?

Maria Jose Chaves

Maria is an English teacher graduated from the Universidad Hispanoamericana in Costa Rica. She is now a full time technical writer for recruitment startups. An avid reader on all matters technology, marketing and a beauty blogger on the side.